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UNR 155 & Motorcycles

Motorcycle companies are likely to see a change coming June 2024. UN Regulation 155 is looking to include motorcycles, scooters, and electric bicycles, also known as Vehicle Category L, with speeds exceeding 15.53 mph or 25 km/h.

UN Regulation 155 will require motorcycle companies to adhere to some key requirements. The biggest requirement being the implementation of a Cyber Security Management System (CSMS). A CSMS coordinates product cybersecurity activities from concept to end-of-life. So, UNR 155 would do just that for motorcycles, scooters, and electric bikes. A CSMS will be a prerequisite before any vehicle can receive Type approval to be sold under UNR 155. 

A Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) is composed of four different key requirements:

  1. Create comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

  2. Detection and response capabilities for potential cyber-attacks on the vehicle platforms. 

  3. Provide software updates and patches for vulnerabilities.

  4. Ensure privacy for users using data protection strategies. 

Why a CSMS?

  • It orchestrates product cybersecurity.

  • Cyber responsibilities are coordinated between OEM and Tier-1s.

  • Makes sure cybersecurity is accounted for in manufacturing.

  • Coordinates cyber before Start-of-Production (SOP), after, and until end-of-life. 

  • Ensures cybersecurity is not forgotten in your design. 

As we all know, technology has continued to change and evolve. Motorcycles are more connected now with some models including cell modems, advanced infotainment systems, and even ADAS systems. These digital advancements for motorcycles have increased their risk and vulnerability to cybersecurity attacks. This regulation is pending June 2024 when it will be discussed at the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations. 

Although this is a United Nations regulation, motorcycle companies from the USA will be backdoored into complying with it. They must comply with UNR 155 to sell overseas to the ~59 member countries that are part of the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations.

Rustic Security has partnered with French based, Rappel Cybersecurity, to provide expert guidance for motorcycle companies related to:

  • UNR 155 compliance

  • The CSMS

  • Integrating cybersecurity processes into existing system and software processes. 

Both companies have a history serving OEMs with UNR 155 compliance. As the adage goes in system engineering, all changes are cheaper when integrated earlier on.

Please reach out for more details on 4-wheeled or now 2-wheeled vehicle cybersecurity. 

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