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About Rustic Security LLC

Product Security Expert Consultant

Hi, my name is Scott Sheahan, the owner of Rustic Security LLC. Rustic Security provides expert level vehicle cybersecurity consulting and Vehicle/ECU Key Management Services (KMS).

I work with OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to deliver cybersecurity solutions on short to long term contracts. 

Rustic Security LLC is headquartered north of Indianapolis, IN and within a short drive to contracts in Detroit. I travel to Detroit on a monthly basis, so hit me up if you would like to meet up in person. 

I am currently finishing Rustic Security's lab space to expand my ability to provide expert service in automotive cybersecurity. Check out the blog for more details on my lab build. 

Rustic Security's Motto -- "Genchi Gembutsu" or "Go And See" - 1st Hand Experience is the only experience that counts as I see too many abstractions and generalizations in the industry that lack 1st hand experience delivering security features on an ECU. 

If you are interested in working with Rustic Security LLC, please request a free consultation below. I would love to earn your business.

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