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ISO SAE 21434 Product Cybersecurity Consulting

ISO/SAE 21434 Compliance

Organizational Cybersecurity Management

5 Work Products

  • [WP-05-01] Cybersecurity policy, rules and processes

  • [WP-05-02] Evidence of competence management, awareness management and continuous improvement

  • [WP-05-03] Evidence of the organization’s management systems

  • [WP-05-04] Evidence of tool management

  • [WP-05-05] Organizational cybersecurity audit report

Project Dependent Cybersecurity Management

4 Work Products

  • [WP-06-01] Cybersecurity plan

  • [WP-06-02] Cybersecurity case

  • [WP-06-03] Cybersecurity assessment report

  • [WP-06-04] Release for post-development report

Distributed Cybersecurity Activities

1 Work Product

  • [WP-07-01] Cybersecurity interface agreement

Continuous Cybersecurity Activities

6 Work Products

  • [WP-08-01] Sources for cybersecurity information

  • [WP-08-02] Triggers

  • [WP-08-03] Cybersecurity events

  • [WP-08-04] Weaknesses from cybersecurity events

  • [WP-08-05] Vulnerability analysis

  • [WP-08-06] Evidence of managed vulnerabilities



7 Work Products

  • [WP-09-01] Item definition

  • [WP-09-02] TARA

  • [WP-09-03] Cybersecurity goals

  • [WP-09-04] Cybersecurity claims

  • [WP-09-05] Verification report for cybersecurity goals

  • [WP-09-06] Cybersecurity concept

  • [WP-09-07] Verification report of cybersecurity concept

Product Development


8 Work Products

  • [WP-10-01] Cybersecurity specifications

  • [WP-10-02] Cybersecurity requirements for post-development

  • [WP-10-03] Documentation of the modelling, design, or programming languages and coding guidelines

  • [WP-10-04] Verification report for the cybersecurity specifications

  • [WP-10-05] Weaknesses found during product development

  • [WP-10-06] Integration and verification specification

  • [WP-10-07] Integration and verification report

  • [WP-11-01] Validation report




3 Work Products

  • [WP-12-01] Production control plan

  • [WP-13-01] Cybersecurity incident response plan

  • [WP-14-01] Procedures to communicate the end of cybersecurity support

Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment Methods

8 Work Products

  • [WP-15-01] Damage scenarios

  • [WP-15-02] Assets with cybersecurity properties

  • [WP-15-03] Threat scenarios

  • [WP-15-04] Impact ratings with associated impact categories

  • [WP-15-05] Attack paths

  • [WP-15-06] Attack feasibility ratings

  • [WP-15-07] Risk values

  • [WP-15-08] Risk treatment decisions

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